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Experienced Insurance Defense Attorneys

S-M Law was created as a firm dedicated to providing insurance companies, insureds, and self-insured entities unwavering representation! Having worked for large firms in the past, the founding Shareholders of S-M Law sought to create a firm that concentrated its efforts in insurance defense.  By concentrating in insurance defense, S-M Law seeks to provide carriers, insureds, and self-insured entities a more responsive defense option that takes into account our clients' litigation management structures.  Many insurance defense attorneys focus their attention on managing one litigated file at a time.  S-M Law understands that carriers and self-insureds, as well as the claims and risk management professionals that make day-to-day decisions, have other considerations.  We provide responsive advice that aims to help these individuals manage their files.  With a Shareholder that was a multi-lines claims adjuster prior to law school, S-M Law understands the purpose of litigation guidelines and the need for timely and accurate reporting.  We understand the need to set timely reserves and the need for early evaluations.   We take all of these factors into consideration each time we speak to our clients.  S-M Law will be trial ready in those instances trial is needed.  

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